A Strategic Opportunity for all Businesses...

According to McKinsey, The Economical Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) Could reach $11 Trillion per year 2025! With 70% of the potential value going to B2B Applications. The Industry 4.0 Revolution is on it’s way...

IOT Software Suite

A complete software suite for the deployment of IOT projects, integrating a software platform, specific modules for Smart Metering and Asset Tracking, available in "SaaS" or "on Premise" mode.


IOT Sensors

An exclusive catalog of LORAWAN and NB-IOT IOT sensors for Smart Metering, Smart Building and Geolocation. For IOT Integrators and Hardware Distributors.


IOT Solutions

A set of IOT solutions (software and hardware) for Smart Industries, Smart Building and Smart Construction, implemented through a network of System Integrators and IT Distributors.


Smart IOT Solutions

The IOT Factory Software Platform offers pre-configurations for multiple business cases...
Fuel - Water Level Monitoring

Fuel - Water Level Monitoring

LoRaWAN Level Monitoring

Monitor the level of Fuel or Water Tanks. Get notified when it is full or empty. Optimise your operational processes and fight against thefts.


LORAWAN Private Network


Build and manage its own Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things based on the LORAWAN standard.


Water Metering Software

Smart Water Consumption

The Open and Scalable Software Solution for Measuring, Analyzing and Processing Water Consumption Data.

IOT Sensors | IOT Devices Shop

IOT Factory is the Exclusive Distributor of Industrial-level & Affordable LoRaWAN Sensors. Moreover, we also test and integrate other sensors (M2M, SigFox, LoRa, Bluetooth...) in order to provide ready-to-use IOT solutions. Check our latest IOT hardware below...

Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring LORAWAN sensor

This LORAWAN sensor allows monitoring of the air quality, and more generally of the environment in which it is installed. CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Noise and Light.


LORAWAN Network Tester (GPS)

The LoRaWAN® network tester allows automatic or manual measurement of the coverage quality of a LORA network, while locating (GPS) measurement points.


Water-Fuel Level Sensor – pressure – LORAWAN

Pressure-based level sensor and LoRaWAN transmitter. High precision measurement with a fully-sealed submersible intelligent pressure sensor, providing digital temperature compensation and linearity correction.


Industrial Temperature LORAWAN Sensor – Datalogger

LORAWAN Sensor / Datalogger for industrial temperature application: fridges, piping, industrial premises.

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