IOT Factory

IOT Factory is a European technology company, based in Brussels, focused on Smart Metering and Assets Tracking. With more than 20 years of experience in IOT and M2M solutions, we offer a unique combination of Business Solutions and IOT devices, based on an advanced IOT software platform, brought to the market by a network of Business Partners.


Air quality, water, gas, electricity, smoke, machine hours, energy consumed, water or fuel oil level, door opening, presence detection ...



Machines, tools, equipment, shipments, trucks, people, pets, live stock...

IOT Software Platform

The IOT Factory software platform brings together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart solutions in smart metering and asset tracking. It provides all the technical features required (any device, any network, dashboards, reports, alerts), available on a web and mobile application. We also offer solution templates for different use cases, for even faster deployments. Read more.

IOT Sensors | IOT Devices Shop

IOT Factory is the Exclusive Distributor of Industrial-level & yet Affordable LoRaWAN, NB-IOT and M2M Sensors. Those Sensors, Transmitters and Gateways can be connected to any software platform

NB-IOT Outdoor – Indoor Asset Tracker (GPS, WIFI, BLE)

The robust and waterproof NB-IOT tracker for indoor and outdoor geolocation (GPS, WIFI, BLE), shock and activity monitoring of your equipment.


CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness (WIFI) sensor

WIFI sensor for measuring the concentration of CO2, Temperature, Humidity and Brightness. Alert when the threshold is exceeded. Color touch screen.


NB-IOT 4-20 mA Converter-Transmitter

NB-IOT Transmitter with one 4-20 mA interface, 2 digital and 1 analog inputs.


NB-IOT Pulse Counter & Dry-Inputs

NB-IoT Pulse counter and digital inputs with external antenna, built-in battery with 2 years of autonomy.

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