A Strategic Opportunity for all Businesses...

According to McKinsey, The Economical Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) Could reach $11 Trillion per year 2025! With 70% of the potential value going to B2B Applications. The Industry 4.0 Revolution is on it’s way...

Business Solutions

We offer packaged & ready-to-use solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Geolocation, based on a Robust IOT Software Platform. Applied to Smart Building, Construction and Industries.

Professional Services

We leverage our 15+ years experience in M2M/IOT to help Entreprises benefit from IOT, through Business Seminars, Business & Technology consulting, and Proof-of-Concepts.

Hardware Distribution

Exclusive Distributor of Industrial level LoRaWAN devices and sensors. Integrator of SigFox, M2M, BLE and LoRa devices. Contract Manufacturing Management.

IOT Sensors | IOT Devices Shop

IOT Factory is the Exclusive Distributor of Industrial-level & Affordable LoRaWAN Sensors. Moreover, we also test and integrate other sensors (M2M, SigFox, LoRa, Bluetooth...) in order to provide ready-to-use IOT solutions. Check our latest IOT hardware below...

LORAWAN Water Meter

Electronic water meter for measuring the flow of cold or hot water, with accumulation and transmission of readings using the LORAWAN network. Electronic anti-magnetic seal and digital display.


LoRaWAN Presence/Motion Detection Sensor

Presence and Movement detection Sensor LoRaWAN – Detection of intrusion or presence in a room (office, housing, industrial building …)


LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor

LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor – Protect your home, office, premise or Industrial space from fires and smoke. The Smoke sensor produces light, a sound and generates a LoRaWAN Alert message.


M-BUS to LORAWAN Converter

Connect up to 10 energy meters compatible with the M-BUS standard (smart metering) to the LORAWAN network.


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