IOT Factory

Management Team



Founding Partner

Lionel is an MSc Civil Engineer graduated from Université Libre de Bruxelles with a postgrad from Solvay Business School. After several successful companies like Mobile Token, Emixis (Fleet management) and API services, Lionel is the initiator of the IOT Platform, the technology platform which forms the base of IOT Factory. Lionel is dedicated to allocate the necessary time to IOT Factory in order to ensure a continuous growth in the technology capabilities provided and also support all the Entrepreneurs in residence in their efforts to manage the technical aspects of their business development.


Founding Partner

Luc is an MSc engineer from ECAM with a postgrad from Solvay Business School. After a successful career at Nokia Corporation as Vice-President, Luc has joined the rank of the serial entrepreneurs by successfully helping to found and exit the telecom operator Destiny Telecom, the sport social network TeamBlogger, the Call Center software publisher Nixxis and his own consultancy company in Strategy and Leadership Gialco. Luc will be dedicating the necessary time in order to ensure proper Strategy and Business Development coaching for the Entrepreneurs in residence and also as an active investor.


Founding Partner

Eric is graduated as Industrial Computer Science engineer. More than 20 years of Experience in Software Development and Team Management in Financial Software (eBanking and Financial Information systems), e-Marketing and content management platforms. He’s in charge of the IOT Platform development team, and deliveries to our Customers and Startup partners

The IOT Factory Team

A team that loves to create IOT Factory is a European Company, with headquarters in Brussels, dedicated to the Internet of Things. Founded by veterans of the Telematics and Mobile Applications industry, with more than 15 years-experience in IoT, we aim at making IOT simple & affordable, through robust and reusable software components, easy to assemble and customize, for IOT projects and product deployments.

The IOT Factory team is composed on Back-end, front-end (web/mobile), Graphical Designers… In charge of the IOT Factory platform development, as well as helping our Customers and Startup partners developing their projects.

Startup Studio Mentors


General Manager

Aude is graduated from Solvay Business School as Commercial Engineer (Ingénieur Commercial). After a successful first experience as Segment Manager at BPost, Aude has performed various Marketing consultancy missions for serval companies. She then decided to enrich her skills and knowledge further with a graduation from IHECS in Web communication and she is a certified Google Analytics and Adword partner. Aude will be working full time for IOT Factory as a General Manager making sure quantitative and qualitative objectives are met. Together with her coaching and marketing skills, Aude will also be of great help for entrepreneurs looking to get first line advices during their day-to-day businesses.


Legal Expert

Philippe is graduated in Law from the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven and has a postgrad from Solvay Business School. After a first experience a Attorney at Law, Philippe started a successful career as Interim Legal Manager specialized in Commercial Law with companies like Proximus, Manpower, Ansell or Cofinimmo. Philippe will be able to bring sound legal expertise in order to draft the first contracts for the start-ups making sure their first businesses are not handicapped by badly negotiated deals or legal clauses.



Recruitment Specialist

Following her graduation in Law and Philosophy from the Université Catholique de Louvain, Catherine has joined several recruitment firms (Michael Page, etc…) before founding her own Recruitment and Talent Management company. With prestigious customer like the Belgian Fintech rising star Edebex, Catherine has developed a specific knowledge in staffing growing companies with the required talents and also make sure the “plane does not implode while flying”. A sound and well constituted team is one of the key components of a successful company when it enters the various turbulence zones it will encounter during its normal life.


Financial Expert

Martin is graduated as a Commercial Engineer from Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Regarded as a highly experienced financial interim executive in various companies (HP, Lanoo carpets, Puratos, etc…) Martin is also regarded as a powerful motivational speaker in the field of start-ups on the Belgian scene. Having developed his own models for financial analysis and reporting for start-ups, Martin will be of great help to the Entrepreneurs in residence in order to make sure that the “numbers match”, the business plan and business case if followed and constantly updated and that our start-up companies already practice finance with the necessary rigor as if they were much bigger companies.