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In this period of energy crisis, it must be recognized that France had, in 2019, an initiative in the energy field which takes on its full meaning today.

France has implemented an aggressive strategy to reduce energy consumption in the tertiary sector.

The tertiary sector in France represents 44% of electricity consumption and 22% of gas consumption. It is therefore the main energy consumer, along with the residential sector.

The “tertiary decree”, which came into force in 2019, but whose practical implementation took place in 2021, aims to reduce energy consumption in this tertiary sector by 40% in 10 years

The main objectives, quantified, of the tertiary decree:

  • 40% reduction in energy consumption in 10 years
  • 50% in 20 years
  • 60% in 30 years.

Second objective:

  • In some sectors (public services, education, cold logistics), reach a threshold in absolute value in kWh / m2 / year)

This decree concerns all companies, schools, hospitals, shops, industries (for office space) in the tertiary sector which have a surface area of more than 1000m2. This decree concerns both the tenant and the lessor.

In concrete terms, all companies concerned must:

  • Initially declare the type of activity, their annual consumption for a reference year (between 2010 and 2020) by type of energy, and the area concerned
  • Each year, declare the consumption of the previous year, on a computer platform (OPERAT).
Plateforme OPERAT

Financial penalties, for the lessor and the tenant, are provided for in the event of non-compliance with the decree (non-declaration or non-achievement of objectives).

This ambitious decree therefore aims to seriously reduce the energy consumption of the most consuming sector, and therefore also to reduce their CO2 footprint. The implementation of the decree, beneficial for France, and for the companies concerned (consequent financial savings), sees the development of new and innovative services:

  • specialized design offices, energy audits,
  • and consumption monitoring tools

Clearly, the tools for monitoring consumption, also allowing the definition of reduction objectives, and the implementation of an action plan whose implementation can therefore be monitored continuously, are the key to this decree. Among the actions that can be taken:

  • Insulation – Energy performance of the building
  • Regulations (automates)
  • LED lighting
  • Heating, ventilation and AirCo
  • Energy monitoring
  • Raising user awareness and changing habits

The EnergyMonitor solution from IOT Factory makes it possible to comply with the French tertiary decree. You don’t have to be in France to be inspired by the French example, and implement similar objectives.