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IOT Factory proposes a software suite dedicated to the implementation of IOT projects in the fields of:

  • Smart Metering
  • Tracking Assets

This software suite consists of an IOT software platform and specific front-end and back-end modules to manage:

  • Sensor management
  • Collecting data from these sensors
  • Processing and storage of these data
  • The generation of alerts
  • Creating dashboards and reports
  • Development of client applications via documented APIs
  • Management of a SaaS platform, via specific modules for account creation, user management and access rights

The IOT Factory software suite was designed for deployments organized by System Integrators and IT Distributors, and focuses on the following areas:

Main Functions of the IOT Software Suite


Whether for measuring energy consumption, monitoring machine operation, or monitoring air quality, we offer a set of software modules and sensors to generate dashboards, analyzes and data. as part of projects for remote measurement of data collected in the field.

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Small equipment, parcels, personnel, machines. The installation of trackers based on the Internet of Things allows the geolocation, indoor or outdoor, based on a GPS module, by triangulation, the use of Bluetooth beacons, or sniffing wifi hotspots. The combination of different information makes it possible to geolocate any object without necessarily using an expensive GPS module in energy consumption.
IOT Factory offers different scenarios for sensor deployment, allowing their location.

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IOT Software Platform

The management of all sensors and dataloggers deployed is essential, given the number of devices that are deployed by each company.
  • Brand, model, serial number
  • Operating status, alert in case of problem detection (communication),
  • Multiple categorizations: by type of measure, by geographical region, or by manager for example
  • Visualization of collected measurement histories
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Sensors do not always transmit directly relevant information. It is often necessary to process the data, apply formulas, create aggregations, calculate averages. Our software platform IOT offers an interface to define the operations that must be performed on the data.

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Whatever the connected sensor, or the type of communication network, we propose a unique and generic structuring of the IOT data. The generation of alerts, the creation of dashboards or the development of front-end client applications are totally independent of the type of sensor used.

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Generating alerts according to the data received from sensors is essential. These alerts can be viewed in the web application, or transmitted by email or SMS, in real time, or aggregated and transmitted at a configurable frequency (every day, every week …). Rules can be defined, depending on the type and level of urgency of the received alarms, and they can be acknowledged to optimize their management.

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The IOT Factory Platform offers a set of widgets that can compose dashboards, viewable on the web or on a mobile app. Graphics, maps, tables, interactive diagrams. Everything is there !

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The IOT Factory software suite is open by architecture. Document APIs allow:

  • The integration of data, collected or processed, to any third party software (ERP, BMS, Warehouse management …)
  • The development of front-end applications for customers.

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Endless Data Integrations

LORAWAN-PRIVATE-NETWORKThe LORAWAN Network Server integrated into the IOT Factory platform:

  • TheThingsNetwork (TTN) and TheThingsIndustries (TTI)
  • EveryNet
  • ThingPark (Actility)
  • Proximus (myThings and Enco)
  • Multitech
  • LoraServer.io
  • ER Telecom

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The SigFox Backend is a standard option of the IOT Factory software platform.

  • Custom HTTP call-backs
  • Atlas call-backs (SigFox geolocation services)

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We offer agents to collect sensor data via Web Services. The execution frequency of these agents is configurable.

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MQTT is a widely used protocol in the Internet of Things. We offer MQTT agents and an MQTT broker to:

  • Integrate LORAWAN Network Server
  • Retrieve data from sensors or servers with an MQTT broker, by subscribing to MQTT topics
  • Our MQTT broker can be used to collect data transmitted by sensors (or other services) communicating via MQT

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It is possible to configure the IOT platform to collect data transmitted in TCP or UDP, from sensors communicating via GPRS, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IOT or WIFI.
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We offer configurable agents to retrieve CSV files stored on remote FTP or SFTP servers. The files are then decoded and the data stored as sensors / measurements.
CSV files are often produced and stored on an FTP server in the case of short-haul sensor configurations connected to dataloggers that transmit data over an M2M network (GPRS, 3G, 4G).
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It is possible to configure our MODBUS agent (TCP) to retrieve MODBUS registers on remote TCP networks, via a secure connection (typically a VPN). Industrial installations often offer a MODBUS TCP or RTU (RS485) data bus. We support these 2 modes: MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU.
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IOT Deployment Options & Architecture

The IOT Factory software suite is based on a multi-tenant architecture allowing the centralized management of several customer accounts. Each account has its own private environment, with the ability to create different groups of users with different access rights. The sensors (devices), the rules, the treatments, the dashboards are accessible only to the duly authorized users, on the customer’s account.

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It is possible to install the IOT software platform on site, for secure use off the Internet.
Contact us for more information.

Our IOT Software Suite offers all the back-end services needed to deploy an IOT solution for B2B or B2C customers. Accounts receivable management, sensor management, rules configuration, data processing configuration …
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We offer as standard a user interface, allowing the creation of dashboards, configuration of alerts, management of Assets … This interface can be customized (logo, colors, url).
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The IOT Factory Software Suite is compatible with web browsers, on desktop, Android or iOS mobile (Responsive mode). A mobile application is also available for Android and IOS devices.
More about the IOT Factory Software Platform.

There are many cases where the user interface must be specific to a project, especially in the case of deployment of B2C solutions, or for the development of white label products from the IOT Factory platform. We offer documented APIs to develop any kind of front-end application.
The IOT Factory platform is then used as the SaaS IOT management platform only.

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