IOT Factory

Increase the performance of your office spaces. Optimize the hybrid work experience, improve the quality of your work environment, while reducing operational costs.

Optimize the use of your professional buildings: offices, workshops, warehouses. Our modular “Smart Office” solution allows you to respond effectively to current challenges in workspaces.


Occupancy of offices and meeting rooms

Optimizing workspaces in a hybrid world makes it possible to reduce the operational costs of a building, while improving the comfort level of its users. The Internet of Things (IOT) today offers a wide range of sensors whose data can be processed in order to produce all the KPIs necessary for more dynamic building management. Detailed analysis of the use of offices and meeting rooms, through KPIs such as occupancy rate and usage rate, makes it possible to optimize available spaces, while adapting schedules and uses.

Presence detection

Presence detection is a tool that is used to secure the building, but it can also be used for dynamic cleaning planning (toilets, meeting rooms, canteen), depending on the level of use measured, or even for measure parts availability.

Air quality and ventilation

Ensuring good ambient air quality in office spaces is imperative. But also a legal obligation in many countries. This principle was recalled during the COVID crisis. The temperature must be adapted to the type of activity taking place there (office, workshop, etc.). Humidity must also respect standards (air, neither too dry nor too humid), to avoid diseases and respiratory inconveniences in particular. Finally, measuring the CO2 rate makes it possible to estimate air quality and check its renewal rate.
Monitoring air quality makes it possible to check whether ventilation, if available, is operational and effective. If mechanical ventilation is not available, this monitoring allows action to be taken. Good air quality helps improve concentration, limit the onset of certain respiratory illnesses, and avoid absenteeism among the most sensitive people. Read more.

Energy efficiency of the building

It is possible to reduce the energy footprint of a building by up to 40%. To achieve this, it is necessary to put in place, following an initial energy audit, continuous monitoring of consumption. The analytical dashboards will then make it possible to identify the sources of high consumption, and from there, the actions to take to reduce this energy consumption. Read more.

A free choice of types and brands of IOT sensors

Our Smart Office solution is independent of the brand and model of IOT sensor chosen. It is important to select the sensors that best respond to each specific case. We can help you select the most suitable ones.