Need to track the delivery of a valuable or important item for your activities? Package,  Parcel, Tool, Vehicle? Or do you just want to locate, at regular intervals, where is a particular person or tool? All without having to install a conventional geolocation box, requiring wiring and power source.


A simple Tracking Application

Attach a GPS tracker to the object you want to track: a move, a delivery. Locate the object on map. Thanks to geofencing, you are warned of the arrival of the object at its destination, or if it leaves a predefined zone.

A unique Autonomous Tracker

A small GPS tracker, offering a range of 2 years, communicates 1 GPS position per day. Its small dimensions allow to board it in many objects (parcels, boxes, tools …). If the tracked object is stored in a building (outside a GPS coverage), you will have a relative position by triangulation of GPS antennas.

Check out the unique specifications of the Precious object Tracker !

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