Geolocation has become a major issue for all companies. While corporate fleets have been among the first to use gel-tracking to control and optimise the use of their trucks, vans and other construction vehicles, the Internet of Things is bringing new localisation needs. Machines, small equipment, people. Everything can and must be localisable.

If GPS is often used to locate vehicles or people (through their smartphone), it is far from representing a universal solution, because it is very electricity-consuming, and relatively bulky. We have developed a solution to locate tools, machines or any other object, by combining different sources of location.

GeoStatic Location

Communication Antenna Location

Location-Based Service (Triangulation)

GPS - Accurate Positioning


A comprehensive GeoLocation Application

Geolocation in real time of all your objects. Vehicles, Machinery, Equipment, Tools, Personnel, Packages, Containers …

Definition of geofencing areas. Measuring the time spent in an area, during a trip …

Generation of multi-criteria alerts.


Geolocate any type of material!

Whether it’s a precious package, a container, a tool, small equipment, a machine, a van or a truck. Everything can be located!

A catalog of (GPS) Trackers

We offer a wide range of GPS Trackers for all Geolocation needs. In addition, we can also locate objects without GPS, via intelligent IOT sensors.

Check our:    GPS Trackers Catalog

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