Tele-measurement (or Smart Metering) is one of the most popular domains in the Internet of Things. Remote reading of energy consumption (water, gas, electricity) of course, but in general, the remote measurement of any parameter available on a machine, in a room, an indoor or outdoor environment.

The Internet of Things saves time and money by automating remote data collection. In addition, the analysis of these data makes it possible to identify problems or anomalies, the preventive treatment of which significantly improves the operational processes.  

Smart Metering

Collect remote data using IOT sensors, in real time, without human interactions.

Processing & Analysis

Process data, apply machine learning or other analytical methods to extract Indexes, consumptions or KPI values.

Take Actions

Take proper actions in case of fraud or abnormal behaviour detection. Or simply generate reports, bills or invoices based on processed information.


A sensor for every metering...

Choose the best sensors for the measurements to be made. LoRa, SigFox, NB-IOT sensors, or Radio Frequency sensors based on an M2M Datalogger for example.


Advanced Data Processing

Configuration and automatic calculation of daily, weekly, monthly data. Index and Consumption Calculations. Consolidation of data based on individual sensors, or on operations comprising several sensors.

Check also our Water Metering Solution.

Temperature, Humidity, CO2 monitoring and alerting

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Configure your dashboards, and view your reports on the web, mobile, or PDF / CSV in your inbox.


Alerting & Distribution Lists

Configure and schedule alerts (exceeding threshold, default, fraud). Receive notifications by email, at the chosen frequency (real time, daily, weekly …)

Our Smart Meters Portfolio

We offer a range of IOT sensors / devices for smart metering. Check it out here.

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