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With the rising cost of energy, and the ecological transition requiring a reduction in CO2 production, monitoring energy consumption is becoming critical for businesses and communities of citizens.

The EnergyMonitor solution allows, thanks to the placement of IOT sensors, to follow its energy consumption and to identify the places or the equipment that consumes a lot of energy. It allows the definition of reduction targets, based on your reference consumption, and the monitoring of the implementation of actions aimed at reducing your energy and CO2 footprint. Finally, EnergyMonitor allows you to translate your consumption and your actions to reduce it into Euros and KG of CO2.


Monitoring of energy consumption

Monitoring energy consumption is the first step in a strategy to reduce consumption.

  • On the one hand, it is essential to understand where the main energy consumers are located.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to be able to measure the impact of actions taken to reduce energy consumption

The EnergyMonitor solution makes it possible to define the sub-metering that will allow this energy monitoring, in order to control consumption, and measure the impact of the measures taken.

The definition of energy KPIs (monthly, annual and ten-year)

The EnergyMonitor solution allows the definition of reduction objectives, at different time horizons: short, medium and long term. These objectives are defined on the basis of consumption for a reference year. 

A dashboard makes it possible to follow the evolution of consumption compared to this reference year, and the objectives set.

Alerts can be configured if common metrics do not meet defined targets.

Financial and Ecological conversion of energy consumption

The conversion of energy consumption into Euros (or another currency) and into CO2 equivalent will make it possible to supply forecast financial tables. 

EnergyMonitor allows you to encode the price changes of the energies used, as well as the conversion factors into CO2 equivalent for each of them.

You can also calculate the energy cost per m2 per year, or per person per year!

Objectification of heating consumption

The energy footprint for the heating (or air conditioning) of a building depends on many parameters, such as the temperature setpoints defined, the type of boiler room used, the thermal insulation. 

But this borrowing also depends on the local atmospheric conditions (the heating needs are not the same if you are in the mountains or on the seaside). 

The integration of “Degree Days” data makes it possible to objectify your consumption of heating or cooling of a building

How to measure energy consumption?

There are many technical solutions that can be implemented to measure energy consumption. They depend on the type of energy used:

  • Electric, solar, wind
  • Gas, oil, heat pumps
  • Others

Your consumption profile will also be decisive, particularly in setting up sub-metering, by type of consumption (lighting, heating, PC, machines, ventilation & AirCo…) and by location (site, building, floor , offices, store, building site…)
Different types of sensors, different types of measurement, can be deployed, depending on your configuration: smart meters, level measurement, temperature measurement… Our experts and partners are at your disposal to help you.

Who is EnergyMonitor intended for?

Businesses, Industrialists, Hotels, Schools, Public Administrations, Nursing homes, Shops… EnergyMonitor is aimed at all entities for which the energy cost represents a major item of expenditure.
Energy monitoring… And much more.

Energy monitoring... And much more.

The EnergyMonitor solution is based on the IOT Factory software platform. It therefore opens up the possibility of easily adding other sensors, for measuring ambient air (temperature, humidity, CO2), presence detection, door opening, or even tracking of assets and personal.

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