IOT FACTORY Software Platform offers all the essential functionalities, allows a centralized management of all your IoT applications and offers a fine access right management of the different users. This platform is the basis for all the solutions developed by IOT Factory and its Partners.

It provides a centralised Sensors/Actuators Management, centralised data collection and processing, generic storage, alerting, dashboards and reporting. Its Open architecture makes it easy to integrate any type of Device data flow, as well as synchronising data with third party back-end systems.


Data from Any Sensor, Transmitted using any wireless data network. Generic Big Data Storage.


Rules-based Data Analysis. Build relevant Information and Generate Alerts.


Transform Information into actionable Knowledge, through Dashboards & Reports.

Any Sensor, Any Network

Collect data from any sensor: Temperature, Humidity, GPS, Speed, Energy, Presence, On/Off, vibration…

All Data networks (wired or wireless) are supported: M2M, 3G, LoRa, SigFox, NB-IOT, ZigBee, Wifi, Bluetooth…

Check out our latest IOT Sensors integrations.


Data Processing & Alerting

Define Data integration processing rules. Data aggregation and consolidation.

Receive accurate notifications, by email or sms (rules-based). Manage the notification life cycle. Configure your distribution lists.

Dashboards & Reports

Get your Individual and Configurable Dashboards in minutes. Generate standard or custom Reports. Export them in PDF or CSV.


Maps & Geolocation Services

Map your sensors and related assets. Benefit from powerful Geofencing capabilities. Superpose other geolocated data and custom maps, to extend your Geographical Information System (GIS).

Open API for Easy Integrations

Integrate IoT data into your own ERP, BMS or WMS. Or develop your own front-end web/mobile applications. Thanks to our fully documented Open APIs.

We offer solutions based on JSON, MQTT, FTP, as well as standard integrations with Network Servers on the market. More information…

How to create a Dashboard with IOT Factory

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