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The mission of IOT Factory is to work through Systems Integrators, for the deployment of “Smart Solutions” in the Companies. The system integrator offers business consulting services, architecture and field implementation of sensors, integration with software used by the client, project management, support. IOT Factory provides System Integrators with its expertise, training, software bricks and sensors, as part of a long-term partnership.

What we offer to IOT Systems Integrators

  • An open software platform, highly configurable by you, and customizable to your colors
  • A wide range of already integrated IOT sensors, including an exclusive selection of professional quality IOT sensors, available in volume, at affordable prices. For Smart Metering in the broad sense, and Smart Home / Smart Building
  • Expertise and solutions to create LORAWAN private networks
  • A set of technical and business trainings to help you build your skills in the IOT
  • Business cases already completed
  • Vertical solutions in Smart Building, Smart Industries and Smart Construction

From a business point of view, this means:

  • A new offer of services for your customers. A new practice to commercialize
  • The possibility of moving from a “project” model to a recurring revenue model based on a service offer.
  • A “Win-Win” partnership with the protection of your customers

IOT software bricks

Central element of any IOT project, we propose a software solution IOT divided into several bricks, so as to cover all the needs expressed:

  • An IOT communication platform, supporting all communication networks (LORAWAN, SIGFOX, NB-IOT, M2M …), open to the integration of all types of sensors. This platform also makes it possible to recover data from remote systems (MQTT Brokers, Web Services, FTP Servers, MODBUS …)
  • A SaaS platform IOT Back-end, for the creation and management of your accounts receivable, the definition of data processing, the configuration of alerts, and the provision of APIs
  • For your customers, two types of interface: Either a solution of IOT dashboards proposed as standard. Or the ability to create a front-end application dedicated to your project.

Check out our IOT Software Platform.

You can develop custom application modules. Or we can help you and achieve them for you.

Proven IOT solutions

Exclusive professional sensors

We integrate all your IOT sensors. We also offer an exclusive range of professional sensors that you can offer to your customers. Some characteristics of these sensors: Characteristics of our IOT sensors:

  • Boxes made to measure, optimized for their respective use cases
  • A lifetime of up to 10 years
  • Wide operating temperature range, often between -40 degrees, and +80 degrees
  • Broad functional spectrum, to meet a majority of market demands
  • In general, resistance to water and dust according to IP65 or higher
  • Configurable sensors, either via PC application or Downlink (OTA)
  • Complete documentation
  • Volume-produced sensors deployed around the world. An ISO 9001 certified factory.

IOT Training your teams

We put at your disposal the 20 years of experience we have in IOT and M2M.

  • Training your salespeople
  • Training your pre-sales
  • Training of your engineers

Visit our IOT Training Center” section and view our reports.

Our goal is to empower you and become the IOT experts your customers are looking for.

How to reach us

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