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Industry 4.0 is the new heavy trend of the Industry. Also called the 4th Industrial Revolution, it defines the concept of Smart Factory. Behind this concept lies a mix of technologies serving the factory of the future.
Connect the machines to the Internet, through the Internet of Things (Industrial IOT – IIOT), collect the data in the Cloud, treat them through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, so as to optimize the Operations, reduce costs through preventive / predictive maintenance. In a general way, to allow an optimized and centralized management of its installations, its equipment, its machines. Offer better operational and business tools.

Collect Machine Data

Whatever the type of machine, it is always possible to recover the data in order to analyze them. Any type of protocol: FTP, MTQQ, M-BUS, ModBus, RS232, RS485. Any type of network: WIFI, M2M, LoRa, ZigBee ...

Dashboad & Reports

Process data and provide reports and dashboards for the various stakeholders: Support, Management, Customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Data analysis must anticipate failures or non-optimized processes. To be able to intervene quickly in the event of a problem, or even to prevent future problems.

Industrial IOT

Whether it is to collect the hours of use, the number of startup cycles, the status of certain parameters, the recovery of errors and alarms, there is a sensor and an adequate communication protocol (MQTT, FTP, RS232, RS485, m-BUS, ModBus, …). Check our:    Industrial IOT Catalog
indoor-air-quality-monitoring-dashboard (IAQ)

Process and Analyse Data

Mathematical processing on the data. Aggregations. Counts. We offer a set of tools to analyze the data in order to extract useful information to optimize the operation of its machines.
Check our:    Smart Metering

Dashboards for all !

Whether it is the support and maintenance team who must check the parameters to prevent breakdowns and optimize the use of a machine park. That it is the Management who wishes a global view of the park installed. Or the Customer who wants to analyze the performance of his installations.  We offer an easy to configure dashboard technology. Check our:    IOT Software Platform
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