Construction trades are unique in that most activities take place outside the office. Whether for residential construction, public works, civil engineering, the construction companies deploy on the ground a lot of staff. A world of workers sometimes requiring close monitoring / follow-up. An equally important investment is made in rolling stock, construction machinery, tools and equipment, which is used by staff who are not always responsible, and who are the subject of numerous thefts. Lastly, the competitive pressure is causing these companies to optimize their on-site activities in order to maintain their competitiveness.

Smart Construction

The Internet of Things can provide many solutions to the problem of site management, the control of the use, the prevention of theft, the measurement of the use of construction equipment, and the work done by men. As for the control of the different stages of construction.


the use of equipment on site


working and material usage times


your investments and your projects



Geolocate your vans, trucks and other rolling stock. Measure the times and kilometers traveled. Identify the personnel on board.


Take inventory of equipment (tools, machines) on site. Locate the hardware, and detect the theft attempts.



Measure service times, times and kilometers traveled. Locate your staff on site, or on the road.

The Open and Scalable Software Solution, for the Construction trades

  • Integration of any type of sensor to locate and remotely monitor your vehicles, machines, equipment and personnel
  • Generic management of all types of equipment
  • Map visualization of all elements of the site
  • Intelligent alert system. Movement outside working hours, entering or leaving a construction site ...
  • Customized reports: inventory, benefits, daily report ...
  • Open APIs to interface with any site management software, or retrieve data from other systems