Smart Metering

You can’t optimize what you don’t measure

IOT technologies have demonstrated that they can greatly contribute to the optimization of processes. IOT Factory offers modular and scalable solutions for all your Smart Metering projects, facilitating the deployment of IOT sensors, data analysis and automation programming.

Our Smart Solutions

Improve comfort, healthiness and productivity of your buildings, while reducing energy and operational costs.

Increase workers safety, overall productivity, reduce thefts, while improving your environmental and social responsibility.

Improve your industrial processes thanks to IOT, remote monitoring, preventive and predictive maintenance.

The city concentrates many challenges to which the Internet of Things can provide effective answers.

Popular Use Cases

Since 2016, IOT Factory has been helping companies with their IOT deployments. The use cases for IOT applied to Smart Metering are endless. Among these:


The Smart Office Solution allows Increase the performance of your office spaces. Optimize the hybrid work experience, improve the quality of your work environment, while reducing operational costs.


The EnergyMonitor solution allows detailed monitoring of energy consumption, and provides all the tools to set up a project to reduce its energy and CO2 footprint.


The Water Metering solution for Residential, Professional and Industrial distributed Water Metering and Analytics.


The Tank Level Monitoring solution now makes it possible to differentiate the consumptions and the fillings of a tank, in order to refine the analytical accounting of the incoming and outgoing flows.

IOT Software Platform

The “Low Code” IOT Platform for all your Smart Metering and Asset Tracking projects. From the management of your devices and data processing, to the implementation of management tools for your business equipment.

Pre-Integrated IOT Sensors

More than 700 types of IOT sensors are already integrated into the IOT Software Platform, as well as in our Smart Building Smart Construction and Smart Industry Solutions. Check our selection among these:

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