A Strategic Opportunity for all Businesses...

According to McKinsey, The Economical Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) Could reach $11 Trillion per year 2025! With 70% of the potential value going to B2B Applications. The Industry 4.0 Revolution is on it’s way...

Business Solutions

We offer packaged & ready-to-use solutions for Smart Metering and Smart Geolocation, based on a Robust IOT Software Platform. Applied to Smart Building, Construction and Industries.

Professional Services

We leverage our 15+ years experience in M2M/IOT to help Entreprises benefit from IOT, through Business Seminars, Business & Technology consulting, and Proof-of-Concepts.

Hardware Distribution

Exclusive Distributor of Industrial level LoRaWAN devices and sensors. Integrator of SigFox, M2M, BLE and LoRa devices. Contract Manufacturing Management.

IOT Sensors | IOT Devices Shop

IOT Factory is the Exclusive Distributor of Industrial-level & Affordable LoRaWAN Sensors. Moreover, we also test and integrate other sensors (M2M, SigFox, LoRa, Bluetooth...) in order to provide ready-to-use IOT solutions. Check our latest IOT hardware below...

LoRaWAN Presence/Motion Detection Sensor

Presence and Movement detection Sensor LoRaWAN – Detection of intrusion or presence in a room (office, housing, industrial building …)


LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor

LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor – Protect your home, office, premise or Industrial space from fires and smoke. The Smoke sensor produces light, a sound and generates a LoRaWAN Alert message.


M-BUS to LORAWAN Converter

Connect up to 10 energy meters compatible with the M-BUS standard (smart metering) to the LORAWAN network.


LoRaWAN Gateway – Base Station (3G – GPS)

LoRaWAN Gateway designed for the deployment of a private LoRa Network. Power over ethernet. Communication over Ethernet or 3G. Integrated GPS. Supplied with pre-installed Packet forwarder software.


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