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Belgium has almost reached the European energy reduction targets for winter 2022-2023

With the energy crisis, and the surge in gas prices on the markets, linked to the conflict in Ukraine, Europe has urgently adopted a regulation asking member states to reduce their consumption of gas (-15%) and electricity (-10%) over the period November 2022 – March 2023.

Belgium has thus reduced its gas consumption by 14.5% since August 2022 and electricity consumption by 9.8% since November 2022.

Gas -14,5%

17,8 TWh from Aug-22 till Mar-23

Electricity -9,8%

6,5 TWh from Nov-22 till Mar-23

Gas Consumption in Belgium 

(Winter 2022-2023 vs Average 5 last years)

Electricity Consumption in Belgium

(Winter 2022-2023 vs Average 5 previous years)

An average Energy Performance at European level…

At European level, gas consumption fell by 17.7%. This performance is boosted by certain countries which have drastically reduced their gas consumption:

  • Finland: -55.7%
  • Lithuania: -40.5%
  • Sweden: -37.2%

Reductions in energy consumption to be put into perspective…

The winter was mild. This limits the consumption, in particular, of gas. In addition, certain energy-intensive productions have been stopped (or relocated), because they are not profitable following the surge in prices. And some countries have switched to coal, which is not a viable solution, from an ecological point of view (greenhouse gases, etc.).

The European 2030 objectives are therefore achievable…

These performances show, despite everything, that with political impetus, and that thanks to a high cost of energy, the European objectives set for 2030 are reasonable and achievable.

Greenhouse Gases -40%

by 2030 in Europe

Energy Footprint -22,5%

by 2030 in Europe

This is the ambition that IOT Factory has set itself through its Energy Monitoring solution. Help companies drastically reduce their energy consumption, and consequently also reduce their CO2 footprint.