IOT Factory

Planning to start an IOT deployment project and looking for help, advice, support?  We can help !


IOT Training

We regularly organize training sessions on various themes of Smart Metering and the Internet of Things (IOT).

  • Training in private LORAWAN networks
  • Training in the measurement of energy consumption
  • Internal brainstorming session on the use cases of IOT in business
  • Specific needs ? Let’s discuss it!
Any Sensor, Any Network

Assistance in the selection of IOT technologies

You don’t know which type of sensor or communication network to choose for your project. Or you are looking for the best method to capture the information that interests you. 

We can help you choose the best suppliers and the best sensors, depending on your needs.


IOT Proof of Concept

An IOT deployment always starts with setting up a proof of concept. Validate technologies, sensors, but also understand the organizational, commercial or financial impact of a deployment. 

The implementation of a proof of concept, limited in time, in its scope and in its budget, makes it possible to understand and then be able to specify its needs in a more detailed way.


IOT Software Developments

Although our IOT software platform is flexible and can support many use cases, it is also possible to develop specific tailor-made modules, personalized to your needs, and under your brand.

Communication module with your sensors, dashboards, reports, integration with other software…


Design and development of IOT sensors

If you cannot find the sensor on the market that perfectly matches your needs, it is quite realistic to consider a custom development. This can be done, depending on the case, by customizing the firmware of an existing sensor, or by developing a “from scratch” sensor, based on our standard libraries and our modular architecture.