IOT Factory

Bringing together the actors of the energy transition is the mission of Enlit (formerly “utility week“). Actors, Projects and Technologies gather this year in Frankfurt for the European edition: Enlit Europe 2022.

IOT Factory will be present at Enlit Europe 2022, at the LORAWAN Alliance stand, in partnership with EveryNet, one of the main LORAWAN network operators in the world.


We will present our solution for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption: electricity, gas, oil, or even water. 

Sub-metering, whether by location (building, site, floor, apartment) or by type of consumption (heating, ventilation, lighting, machines, etc.) is at the heart of IOT Factory’s EnergyMonitor solution.

We will also present sensors (LORAWAN of course, but also NB-IOT) for the collection of energy sub-metering data.

See you in Frankfurt, from November 29 to December 1, 2022, at the LORAWAN alliance stand, with EveryNet.