IOT Factory @ ArchSummit 2019 in Luxembourg

IOT Factory @ ArchSummit 2019 in Luxembourg

The IOT Blog IOT Factory @ ArchSummit 2019 in Luxembourg

IOT Factory will be showcasing its IOT Software Platform, LORAWAN and NB-IOT sensors, and its solutions for Smart Metering, Smart Building, Smart Construction and Logistics at the ArchSummit 2019.

The ArchSummit 2019 in Luxembourg

Arch Summit is the premier event for connecting tech startups with corporate decision-makers in Luxembourg. Enabling the ambitious to take their business to the next level by allowing determined startups real time and direct introductions to Vodafone’s powerful network including Top C-level executives, partners, suppliers and customers. Arch brings together innovators and influencers in a dynamic 2-day programme of startup pitches, tailored meetings, keynote speeches, tech roundtables, and exhibitions on the latest in technology.

IOT Networks in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s economy is characterized by a predominance of the banking sector and the steel industry. The construction sector is developing, especially around large development projects such as Kirchberg or the new city Esch Belval.
The data networks dedicated to the Internet of Things are present in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The LORAWAN network is offered by TANGO (a subsidiary of Proximus). RMS, SNO (SigFox Network Operator), has deployed a SigFox network. The NB-IOT and LTE-Cat-M offers are announced.
Opportunities are therefore present, especially to propose solutions in the field of Smart Building (metering, security, optimization), Smart Construction and Smart Industries.

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Smart Building in Luxembourg

With a predominant service sector, especially the banking sector, there are many opportunities for the Internet of Things in offices and the residential sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

  • Optimization of energy consumption thanks to smart metering
  • Improved security thanks to IOT sensors like smoke detection, door opening, presence
  • Improved quality of life or work, thanks to better air quality (temperature, humidity, CO2 …)

Smart Construction in Luxembourg

The construction sector can also benefit from the advances of the Internet of Things for construction in Luxembourg:

  • Follow up of (small) construction equipment to optimize its management, limit losses and theft
  • Follow the evolution of cracks
  • Leak detection
  • Monitoring fuel consumption on site (fuel tanks)

Smart Industries in Luxembourg

The monitoring (monitoring) of machines (compressors, generators, industrial machines), the management of small equipment (location, use), access control and monitoring of ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) are all uses cases. Internet of Things in the industrial sector in Luxembourg.