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The Internet of Things is the new Industrial Revolution. The choice of the network (or networks) of communications that will be used to allow communication between real-world objects (machines, equipment, installations, etc.) is crucial for each company. The options are numerous (M2M, WIFI, LoRaWAN, SigFox, BLE, NB-IOT, ZigBee …). All of these options have advantages and disadvantages.
Among these options, the LoRaWAN data network has a peculiarity that makes it unique and, as such, particularly interesting. It is possible to deploy LoRa sensors / actuators, both on the public network of a telecom operator. Or deploy its own private network, LoRaWAN.

Second Edition: Sept 2019.

Table of Content:

  • What is a LORAWAN Network?
  • LORAWAN networks around the world in 2019
  • Interconnection of LORAWAN networks
  • Is it legal?
  • Is there a need for an authorization or a license?
  • The frequency problem
  • “Internet of Things” – Internet
  • Components of a LoRaWAN Network
  • “Devices” – Sensors and Actuators
  • LoRaWAN Gateway – Base Station
  • LoRaWAN Network Server
  • IOT Software Platform and Business Application
  • Steps to Deploy a Private LoRaWAN Network
  • Conclusion

Free Report ! All you need to know about Private LORAWAN Networks

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