IOT Factory @ Mobile World Congress 2022

IOT Factory @ Mobile World Congress 2022

This year, the Mobile World Congress is back to normal, and should see Telecom and IOT mode professionals come back in number, after 2 years of pandemic.

IOT Factory will be present, in Hall 7 (Stand 7G51), and will present its latest innovations in the field of Smart Metering and Asset Tracking.

Solution for manhole cover control

  • Detecting the opening or movement of a manhole cover has become a necessity. Whether it’s the theft of covers, or the theft of equipment protected by the cover. Or a lid left open inadvertently. The impact of a manhole left open goes far beyond financial loss, it can also lead to fatal accidents. Checking the condition of the manholes is therefore often necessary.
  • Our manhole cover monitoring solution includes a sensor (LORAWAN, NB-IOT) capable of detecting cover movement and angle changes. This sensor is combined with our monitoring solution (web + mobile application) which allows the generation of alerts and the consultation of dashboards on all the equipment under control. If a manhole cover is opened, you are notified in seconds, on your smartphone!
  • Our tracker is also a GPS/Glonass tracker for all your equipment, offering outdoor and indoor geolocation, via Bluetooth Low Energy tag scanning (BLE beacons). It can be configured to detect movements (starting, stopping), shocks, angle changes. All these functionalities are offered on the WEB platform and in the mobile application (iOS, Android).

Solution for Tracking personnel in the field

  • Construction sites, logistics, industrial sites, security. The need to locate personnel, inside AND outside, extends to securing teams in the field, accounting for the time spent on certain sites, the possibility of notifying a superior in the event of a problem or danger, or simply being able to quickly locate a human resource with the required skills.
  • Our staff tracking solution includes a sensor (LORAWAN, NB-IOT) supporting 3 geolocation modes, outdoor (GPS/Glonass) and indoor (WIFI and Beacons Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE) and featuring a “panic” button . The software, available on the web and via a mobile application (Android, iOS), allows you to view the staff on the map, but also to calculate and view the hours of service by location, and of course to receive notifications (alerts) if the “panic” button is activated.

Solution for monitoring industrial equipment

Machines (ventilation, air conditioning, generators…), energy meters (Electricity, Water, Gas). Collect and transmit data, through various protocols and mechanisms offered by our “Universal Metering Node”: Digital and analog inputs and outputs, Modbus, 4-20 mA in particular. 

On the software side, you have the possibility to define the processing on each data, to develop your own dashboards. Configure the alerts that should be generated. And of course generate reports, and program their automatic sending by email.


IOT Factory will be present, in Hall 7 (Stand 7G51), and will present its latest innovations in the field of Smart Metering and Asset Tracking. From 28-Feb-2022 till 03-Mar-2022