New: WIFI sensor for measuring indoor air quality

New: WIFI sensor for measuring indoor air quality

The COVID19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of ventilating closed spaces. Particularly in workspaces, you are reminded to ventilate regularly and limit the number of occupants, in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

Indoor air quality control (IAQ – Indoor Air Quality) is critical in the workplace.

This is an opportunity to recall that most national laws relating to well-being at work include rules concerning indoor air quality:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is traditionally measured by measuring the level of CO2 (in ppm – parts per million), because scientific studies have shown the correlation between the level of CO2 and air pollution in indoor spaces.

In this period of pandemic, many states recommend the measurement of CO2 in stores, hairdressing salons, restaurants… This makes it possible to verify that the ventilation is sufficient and regulates.

Indoor Air Quality Sensor (LORAWAN)

It is in this context that IOT Factory is expanding its range of sensors for measuring the level of CO2, temperature and humidity.

We were already offering a 5 in 1 sensor communicating through the LORAWAN network.

New: (WIFI) CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Light Sensor


We are now offering a new sensor, equipped with a color and touch screen, which measures CO2, temperature, humidity and light (another parameter regulated by the law on well-being at work). This sensor communicates by WIFI to our IOT software platform. It allows the configuration of a pollution threshold (in ppm of CO2) linked to an audible signal.

This air quality sensor is connected to a WEB and Mobile application (iOS and Android), and generates push notifications on the smartphone if a threshold is exceeded (for example 900ppm).


This IAQ sensor is available either on the IOT Factory platform, or more simply on a dedicated application: AirQuality.ONE.