Pre-Integrated Sensors on IOT Platform

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LORAWAN® vibration sensor
LORAWAN® sensor measuring vibrations and temperature
Flow meter – LORAWAN water meter®
Flow meter (diameters DN 15mm, 20mm, 25mm). LORAWAN®
LORAWAN® Mini Temperature, Humidity and Presence Sensor
Small multi-function sensor for monitoring ambient air and presence in...
7-in-1 room sensor CO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Noise, Brightness, presence. LORAWAN®
Sensor for measuring ambient conditions and pollutant levels. Battery powered...
LORAWAN® people counter
People counting sensor, based on Infrared technology. LORAWAN® transmission.
LORAWAN® smoke sensor (EN 14604 certified)
Smoke sensor complies with European standard EN14604, also measuring temperature...
5-in-1 sensor Noise, Brightness, Temperature, Humidity, Presence LORAWAN®
This 5-in-1 battery-powered sensor measures sound level and brightness, as...
LORAWAN® 5-in-1 VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness, Presence Sensor
This 5-in-1 sensor, powered by battery, allows the measurement of...
Milesight AM307L-868 LoRaWAN room air sensor 7in1
7-in-1 CO2, Temperature, Humidity, VOC, PIR, Pressure, Brightness Sensor LORAWAN®
This 7-in-1 sensor, on interchangeable battery, allows the measurement of...
Milesight AM103L LoRaWAN 3 in 1 Indoor Air Quality Sensor
3-in-1 CO2, Temperature, Humidity LORAWAN® Sensor
This 3-in-1 sensor, on interchangeable battery, allows the measurement of...
milesight VS121 - occupancy - workspace - lorawan
LORAWAN® workspace occupancy measurement sensor
LORAWAN® workspace occupancy measurement sensor. Counting the number of people...
Desk – Seat Occupancy Sensor LORAWAN®
Sensor detecting presence at a desk or on a chair....
ELSYS EMS Desk - Occupancy
LORAWAN® Desk Occupancy Sensor
Desk Presence sensor, temperature and humidity. Communication LORAWAN®
LORAWAN Radio Modem for APATOR Water Meter
LORAWAN radio modem for APATOR Powogaz and Teplovodomer Water meters....
LORAWAN Current detection -Measurement Sensor (1-3 phases)
LORAWAN sensor for detecting and measuring current on 1 phase...
TAIGA Node (LORAWAN) – MODBUS, 4-20mA, Pulses, Dry Contacts, Analog, Triggers
The most complete LORAWAN sensor on the market, combining multiple...
LORAWAN Personal Tracker for Indoor & outdoor geolocation
A unique tracker for your staff: courier services, commercial or...
LORAWAN Outdoor – Indoor Asset Tracker (GPS, BLE)
The robust and waterproof LORAWAN tracker for indoor and outdoor...