IOT Factory

The IOT Factory software platform brings together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart solutions in smart metering and asset tracking. It provides all the technical features required (any device, any network, dashboards, reports, alerts), available on a web and mobile application. We also offer solution templates for different use cases, for even faster deployments.

Smart Metering
Whether for measuring energy consumption, monitoring machine operation, or monitoring air quality, we offer a set of software modules and sensors to generate dashboards, analyzes and data. as part of projects for remote measurement of data collected in the field.

Assets Tracking
Small equipment, parcels, personnel, machines. The installation of trackers based on the Internet of Things allows the geolocation, indoor or outdoor, based on a GPS module, by triangulation, the use of Bluetooth beacons, or sniffing wifi hotspots. The combination of different information makes it possible to geolocate any object without necessarily using an expensive GPS module in energy consumption. The IOT Factory Software Platform offers different scenarios for sensor deployment, allowing their location.


Any Device, any Network

The IOT platform allows the integration of data coming from any type of sensor or transmitter, whatever the data network: LORAWAN, SIGFOX, M2M, NB-IOT, Cat-M1, WIFI, Bluetooth…

Standard Connectors exists for most LORAWAN Network Servers or SigFox Network Server.
Most communication protocols are also supported (MQTT, COAP, Web Services, MODBUS, FTP, etc.).

Data Processing & Alerting


Sensors do not always transmit directly relevant information. It is often necessary to process data, apply formulas, create aggregations, calculate averages. The IOT Factory software platform offers an interface for defining the operations that must be performed on the data.

Generating alerts based on data received from sensors is essential. These alerts can be viewed in the web application, or sent by email, SMS or mobile push. In real time, or aggregated and transmitted at a defined frequency (every day, every week…).

Dashboards & Reports

The IOT software platform offers a dashboard editor that does not require IT knowledge. More than 20 widgets are made available and can be configured to build interactive dashboards.

Reports are also available, which can be generated online, or delivered in PDF and CSV format. They can also be sent automatically by email.

Mobile Application

A mobile application specially designed for the IOT Factory software platform is available for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. It offers several viewing modes, depending on the type of project:

  • Tracking
  • Metering
  • Admin

This mobile application also supports push notifications, in the event of an alert detected on a sensor.

Advanced Access Rights

It is possible to finely define the access rights to the software platform. Accessible modules, visible list of assets, accessible dashboards… 

In addition, our system integrators have a module for managing all their customers. Each client has their own environment, and can in turn restrict access according to their needs.

Wide Integration Capabilities

The diversity of use cases requires the greatest flexibility in data integration and extraction capabilities. The IOT Factory software platform supports most of the protocols used on the market. 

Documented APIs are also available for integrating with third party software.

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