IOT Software Platform


The "low code" IOT Platform for all your smart metering and asset tracking projects.

From the processing of data from your devices, to the implementation of dashboards for your Assets (machines, buildings, places).

Offer your customers an open solution, accessible from your web browser, or on the dedicated mobile application, in white labeling.

We bring together together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart metering and asset tracking projects. The Platform provides all the technical features required (any device, any network, data processing, dashboards, reports, alerts), packaged as Solutions Templates for even faster deployments.

Smart Metering


Measure energy consumption, monitor machine operation or air quality. 

We offer a set of software modules and a wide choice of integrated sensors, to generate dashboards, analyses, alerts and reports for all your metering projects.

Assets Tracking


Geolocation of small equipment, packages, personnel, machines. Or the monitoring of equipment as part of an “Equipment as a Service” strategy. 

We offer geographic visualization modules, geofencing alerts, but also dashboards for monitoring your equipment (hours of operation, consumption, etc.).

Any Device, any Network !

The IOT Factory platform supports all sensors and all communication networks. LORAWAN, NB-IOT, SigFox, M2M, WIFI, ModBus… The most common LoRaWAN Networks Servers (LNS) are also natively accessible.

More than 600 sensors are natively integrated. This list of IOT devices is growing every day. You can also write your own sensor integration.

The IOT Business Platform

Smart metering or asset tracking is not just about collecting sensor data.

We offer a meta-model of Assets, which allows the definition and management of all your equipment and premises in which sensors are installed.

Our dashboard editor and our reports allow you to create real KPIs based on navigation and the characteristics of your equipment!

Mobile Application

A mobile application specially designed for the IOT Factory software platform is available for Android and IOS smartphones and tablets. It offers several viewing modes, depending on the type of project:

  • Tracking
  • Metering
  • Admin

This mobile application also supports push notifications, in the event of an alert detected on a sensor.

Advanced Data Processing & Alerting

iot-platform-3-steps-from-integration-to dashboards-min

Sensors do not always transmit directly relevant information. It is often necessary to process data, apply formulas, create aggregations, calculate averages. The IOT Factory software platform offers an interface for defining the operations that must be performed on the data.

Generating alerts based on data received from sensors is essential. These alerts can be viewed in the web application, or sent by email, SMS or mobile push. In real time, or aggregated and transmitted at a defined frequency (every day, every week…).

Wide Integration Capabilities

The diversity of use cases requires the greatest flexibility in data integration and extraction capabilities. The IOT Factory software platform supports most of the protocols used on the market. 

Documented APIs are also available for integrating with third party software.

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