IOT Factory

Controlling the use of a building (offices, housing, warehouses, etc.) can be greatly facilitated by the deployment of IOT sensors. Whether for operational management or technical management, the Internet of Things helps reduce costs associated with Facility Management software.

IOT Factory offers sensors and software (web, mobile application) to facilitate the operational and technical management of your buildings.


Presence detection

Door opening, presence in meeting rooms, counting of toilet use. Operational and security management thanks to the placement of wireless sensors.

Office occupancy management

Management of offices (free, occupied) in open spaces, in order to identify free positions, but also to generate usage statistics in order to optimize the size and number of workspaces.

Air quality control

Monitoring of working and living conditions, by measuring temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels and pollutants. Brightness and noise level control

Ventilation management

Automation of ventilation, based on temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions in the ambient air.

More about IOT Factory Software Platform

The IOT Factory software platform brings together all the functionality needed to easily deploy smart solutions in smart metering and asset tracking. It provides all the technical features required (any device, any network, dashboards, reports, alerts), available on a web and mobile application. We also offer solution models for different use cases, for even faster deployments. Read more.