Business Features

Digital Twin & "Equipment as a Service"

Deploying IOT sensors makes it possible to optimize remote control, process optimization and the implementation of new economic models.

Our Assets meta-model allows you to model your machines, your premises, your sites… in which sensors are placed. A real management of your assets, by the collected data.

Dashboard Editor

Our dashboard editor allows you, without technical knowledge, to develop dynamic and configurable visualizations. 

A library of more than 20 widgets (graphs, map, gauge, plans…) is at your disposal. You place and size the components simply, with your mouse.

Dynamic Reports Module

Generate reports online. Export a report in PDF, or extract data in CSV format. Or even automate the generation and sending of a report by email, at the frequency you want (every week, every month).
It is also possible to offer you tailor-made reports.

Access Rights management

Not everyone should have the same access to information rights. You can define rights, by group of users, on the accessible data, on the dashboards, the reports, and in general on all the functionalities of the IOT Platform.