M-BUS to LORAWAN Converter

Connect up to 10 energy (heat) meters compatible with the M-BUS standard (smart metering) to the LORAWAN network.


The M-BUS to LoRaWAN converter is an IOT sensor that reads and transmits energy consumption data from energy meters (gas, electricity, heat, water) for Smart Metering projects. This converter allows a reading of 10 “utility counters” compatible with the European standard M-BUS (“Meter Bus”).

Heat meter “Teplouchet-1”, Heat meter “STE 21 “Berill”, Heat meter “ELF-M Teplovodomer”, Heat meter “Landis Gyr T230”, Heat meter “Sharky 775”, Heat meter “Pulsar”, Heat meter “Calec ST II”, Heat meter “Calec ST II_2”, Heat meter “Sensonic II”, Heat calculator “ZENNER_MULTIDATA_WR3”, Heat meter “Pulse STK-15”, Heat meter “Hiterm PUTM-1”

What is the M-BUS standard?

M-BUS - Meter Bus (LORAWAN support)It is a European standard defining the transport and data layers of a communication bus, for reading energy consumption on gas meters, electricity, but more generally also heat consumption meters, water…

The principle is that thanks to 2 wires (as for a telephone line), it is possible to interrogate different connected meters. And so to recover the energy consumption, in Wh (watt-hour), but also coolant temperatures (before and after), the volume of fluid …
The operating principle of M-BUS consists of a Master (here the M-BUS converter to LORA) transmits requests to the counters, the Slaves, by referencing them through secondary addresses encoded in the MBUS-LORA converter.


Like all our LoRa sensors, the 4..20 mA industrial converter has an internal temperature sensor.

Use Cases of the M-BUS to LoRaWAN Converter

  • gas meter
  • electricity meter
  • eat meter
  • water meter

Technical Specifications of the M-BUS to LORAWAN Converter

  • Up to 10 connected meters. Different types !
  • Digital Inputs / Safety Inputs: 2
  • Digital Outputs: 2
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Direct data transfer or storage and subsequent transmission.

2 Modes of operation

In transparent mode, the converter sends an M-BUS command to a counter and receives the response.
In query mode, the converter generates requests autonomously.  The following heat meters are supported in query mode:

  • Heat meter “Teplouchet-1”
  • Heat meter “STE 21 “Berill”
  • Heat meter “ELF-M Teplovodomer”
  • Heat meter “Landis Gyr T230”
  • Heat meter “Sharky 775”
  • Heat meter “Pulsar”
  • Heat meter “Calec ST II”
  • Heat meter “Calec ST II_2”
  • Heat meter “Sensonic II”
  • Heat calculator “ZENNER_MULTIDATA_WR3”
  • Heat meter “Pulse STK-15”
  • Heat meter “Hiterm PUTM-1”

Most other M-BUS meters can be supported. But the Converter will send the whole MBUS frame, without formatting / removing unnecessary overhead.

    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Industrial LoRaWAN IOT sensors. For more information and quotation, contact us!

    Additional information


    Outdoor. IP65



    Operating Temperature

    -40 / +85°C


    Din-rail, Wall-mounting


    6800mAh or 8..36V

    External Antenna

    SMA. -138dB sensitivity

    Data Connectivity


    LORA Class

    Class A, Class C


    OTAA or ABP


    868, 915 MHz. EU868, RU868, US915. IN865-867. Programmable, 923 MHz (AS923)


    Up to 15 km


    OTA downlink message, local (micro-USB)

    About LoRaWAN

    The LoRa network, also called LoRaWAN, is a dedicated Data network for IOT sensors. It provides small data transmission on large distances – up to 15 km, while consuming very limited energy, allowing sensors to be operated on small batteries.


    • In Belgium and Luxembourg, Proximus operates a nation wide LoRaWAN network.
    • In France, Orange and Bouygues operate a LoRaWAN network.
    • In the Netherlands, KPN is the main LoRaWAN operator.
    • In Switzerland, SwissCom is the main LORAWAN operator
    • LoRaWAN is available in most Countries (Spain, Andorra, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, Iceland...). Worldwide.

    If there is no LoRaWAN coverage in your country/region, it is also possible to deploy a private LoRaWAN network.

    Contact us if you have questions about the LORAWAN coverage in your region.


    You can use this sensor with your own software platform or IOT solution.
    You can also choose the IOT Factory software platform, which includes all the sensors presented here as standard. Among the available features:

    • Many pre-integrated sensors.
    • Javascript editor for decoding new payloads from any type of device.
    • Support for many LORAWAN Network Servers, but also SigFox, NB-IOT, M2M, Bluetooth, WIFI…
    • Customizable dashboards, configurable data processing and alerts, interactive and automated reports (web, pdf, excel), APIs
    • SaaS or on-premise
    • White labeling

    The IOT Factory software platform is ideal for your projects in:

    • Smart Building
    • Smart Industries
    • Smart Logistics
    • Smart Construction

    iot-dashboard-industry40-s iot-dashboard-device-managements iot-dashboard-smart-buildings

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