NB-IOT Outdoor - Indoor Asset Tracker (GPS, BLE)

The robust and waterproof NB-IOT tracker for indoor and outdoor geolocation (GPS, BLE), shock and activity monitoring of your equipment.


Probably the most advanced Tracker on the market. Robust and waterproof, the NB-IOT Asset Tracker has all the functionalities for monitoring your equipment (machines, tools, vehicles).

  • geolocation
  • movement detection
  • shock detection
  • angle change detection
  • temperature

Indoor and outdoor geolocation

An algorithm makes it possible to determine which mode of geolocation is the most suitable:

  • GNSS geolocation (GPS, Glonass)
  • Geolocation for scanning Bluetoooth beacons (BLE).

Activity monitoring with the NB-IOT Asset Tracker

Thanks to the accelerometer, it is possible to measure the activity level (from 0 to 100%) by configurable time slot. This will allow you to know when your equipment is actually in use!

Shock detection on the NB-IOT Asset Tracker

The NB-IOT GPS Tracker offers 3 levels of sensitivity, and allows the sending of messages in the event of shock detection.

Communication protocols

The Assets GPS Tracker communicates through the NB-IOT network (CAT NB2). Different protocols are supported:

  • MQTT
  • COAP
  • Non-IP

An optimized GPS tracker

It is possible to configure the tracker not to send data when no movement is detected, in order to extend the battery life.

Manhole feature

The tracker can also be used for the control of manholes, and warn in case of opening or closing of the manhole.

A highly configurable GPS tracker

A mobile application (Android, iOS) is provided, and allows the configuration of all the parameters (localization and transmission frequency, Beacons, activity measurement period, sensitivity to shocks)

The Asset GPS Tracker supports identification by NFC or Bluetooth.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of LoRaWAN and NB-IOT Trackers. For more information and quotes, contact us!

Additional information


Up to 3 years


IP67 – Water & Dust Resistant


Mobile App (Bluetooth)

Data Connectivity

NB-IOT (LTE) – Bands 1, 3, 5, 8, 20, 28



Operating Temperature

-40 / +85°C


3x CR123A (1500 mAh each). Replaceable.


accelerometer, BLE, wifi, GPS / Glonass


125x75x37 mm


This sensor is integrated, as standard , into the IOT Factory software platform.
It is also used in our solutions:


About NB-IOT (LTE)

NB-IOT, or NarrowBand IOT is a new Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication standard, developed by 3GPP, the standardization organization of the GSM standard.


NB-IOT, end of 2018, is deployed in many countries of the world. Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Belarus …