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The IOT Factory mobile application allows the visualization of all the data collected by your sensors (devices), the management of your assets and the monitoring of your alerts. This application is available on Android and iOS smartphone or tablet.


Dashboard: A quick view of important sensors and assets

Select the sensors or assets that you are tracking more specifically. Visualize the latest data in one click, in graphic form or on a m

List of Devices (sensors), Assets and Alerts

Quick view of all your deployed sensors, identify the sensors that are not communicating. View all data, even historical data, in a graph or on a map. Compare the data between sensors.

Overview of all assets equipped with sensors: buildings, premises, machines, equipment.

Consult the latest data collected: latest values, graphs, geolocation.

Consult the latest alerts, linked to your sensors and assets


Geolocation - Map

Visualize the location of your assets. Whether static or geolocated in real time. Consult the trips made in the past.

Application of Access rights

Each user has access to the features and data that you have configured on the platform. Automatically.

Download the IOT Factory mobile application on:

Enter the usual user and password. Make sure your account administrator has granted access on mobile. You are ready !

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