IOT Factory

The IOT Factory mobile application is offered in addition to the IOT Factory platform. It allows any user, depending on their access rights, to view all the data recorded by sensors installed on machines, or placed in certain places under control.

3 IOT Apps in one !

All IOT projects are different. Whether you are active in smart metering or asset tracking, the needs are different. Whether you are a system administrator, or a simple data user, your needs may vary as well. This is why the IOT Factory mobile application offers 3 different and complementary interfaces:

  • The Admin View allows the management of all the deployed entities: devices, assets, calculated data, alerts …
  • The Metering View, optimized for Smart Metering projects: consultation of the latest measurements, graphic visualization of consumption per day, week, month …
  • The Tracking View, which allows easy access to location data (history, journeys, time spent in a geofencing area, etc.)

A mobile application, Android and iOS, for all your sensors

This mobile application is compatible with all IOT sensors, as soon as they are integrated into the IOT Factory software platform. No adaptation is necessary. Available on the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore.

Push Notification


The alerts, generated on the basis of rules, launch push notifications that are directly accessible on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. It is no longer essential to send emails or SMS, even if this functionality is still available.

Respect of access rights

All access rights limitations are obviously applied to the mobile application. Each user will only be able to see what you have defined for them.

A multi-account application

If you manage several accounts on the IOT Factory platform, you have the possibility to connect to each of the accounts to which you have access. Without having to reconnect.

Special specifications?

We can customize the IOT Factory mobile application, based on our standard modules, in order to meet your technical and graphic specifications.