IOT Sensors Distribution by IT Distributors

Distributors of products (sensors, routers, gateways, …) for the industrial world and IT will have to offer an offer of communicating sensors. Beyond extending their current offering to the Internet of Things, it is also the opportunity to develop new offers, not only based on the sale of equipment, but also to generate recurring revenue on data processing. generated by these sensors. IOT Factory offers distributors an exclusive sensor offer for the LORAWAN and NB-IOT networks.

What we offer to IT hardware distributors:

  • An exclusive range of professional quality IOT sensors, available in volume, at affordable prices. For Smart Metering in the broad sense, and Smart Home / Smart Building
  • The possibility of extending the material offer to a service offering for the acquisition, processing and provision of data.
  • The provision of a unique expertise in the world of IOT
From a business point of view, this means:
  • A new range of products, for the development of new sources of income.
  • The possibility of moving from a “box moving” model to a recurring revenue model based on a service offer.
  • A “Win-Win” partnership with the protection of your customers

The range of IOT Sensors


More than 25 sensors are offered.

In Smart Metering, we offer different sensors to collect water consumption measurement data, gas, electricity, hours of machine use. But also converters for interfacing existing sensors or plants / machines, via protocols such as ModBus, RS232, RS485, 4-20 mA, digital or analog inputs (voltage measurement) …

In Smart Home / Smart Building, we propose, besides measuring energy consumption, sensors for measuring the atmosphere (temperature, humidity, CO2, brightness, noise level), sensors for securing buildings (presence , intrusion, opening of doors, smoke detection, presence of water …) or for the automation of building functions.

Characteristics of our IOT sensors

  • Enclosures made to measure, optimized for their respective use cases
  • A lifetime of up to 10 years
  • Wide operating temperature range, often between -40 degrees, and +80 degrees
  • Broad functional spectrum, to meet a majority of market demands
  • In general, resistance to water and dust according to IP65 or higher
  • Configurable sensors, either via PC application or Downlink (OTA)
  • Complete documentation
  • Volume-produced sensors deployed around the world. An ISO 9001 certified factory.
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The service offer for IOT sensors

The world evolves. More and more, the professional users will go from a mode of acquisition of the material, to a principle of hiring of the functionality proposed by this same material. All our sensors can, optionally, be offered with an open IOT software platform, which allows, without any technical intervention, to make available to users:

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Data processing mechanisms
  • Configurable Alerts
  • APIs for data usage

More information about our IOT platform.

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