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Smart Building, or Intelligent Building, is one of the main opportunities for the Internet of Things. With Smart Cities and Smart Industries (connected industries), Smart Building is the largest domain in IOT projects in 2018 (according to IOT Analytics).

Connected sensors, installed in a building, allow to address the 3 major issues related to Smart Building:

Building Comfort

From the management of Air Quality, to the Optimization of the use of Workspaces, and the Securing of places

Breakdowns & interventions

Monitoring of building equipment, in order to limit breakdowns, reduce intervention times and extend their service life.

Energy Management

Measurement of energy consumption: Electricity, Gas, Water, Air Conditioning ...

Smart Building Sensors

Presence, Door Opening, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Accelerometer, Pulse Counters, Water Meter, Smoke Sensor… 

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One Platform - Many Solutions

Dashboard, Reports, Analytics, Open API. Our Software Platform makes it easy to customise all Smart Building project.

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

A packaged solution for the monitoring of air quality in public places, nurseries, offices, schools …

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What is Smart Building?

To understand what Smart Building encompasses, an article from our Blog …

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