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The Internet of Things will enable the construction sector to become Smart. Connected objects share characteristics that make them particularly suited to the world of construction (BTP), and more specifically on construction sites:

  • Small sensors
  • Cheap
  • Operating autonomously, on battery
  • Communicates over great distances, while consuming little energy.

Consumption monitoring

A site requires the provision of many energies, and water. It may be necessary to ensure the optimal use of these energies, as well as the monitoring of consumption, to avoid such leaks or damaged facilities, which can lead to unexpected and uncontrolled overconsumption. In addition, it may be necessary to prevent theft.

We propose solutions for the control and the measurement of the consumption of Water, Fuel oil (red, adBlue …) or Electricity

Securing the premises


Baracking of construction sites, areas of the site where expensive equipment is located, entrances / exits. So many places that it can be interesting to control, to be notified in case of intrusion or presence.

Management and monitoring of small equipment


Small construction equipment (drills, wheelbarrows, compressors, …) is of great interest to thieves. It is also possible that this material is lost or lost. In addition, it may happen that it is not in perfect working order. In any case, a precise management of the small equipment makes it possible to optimize the running costs, to limit the expenses and the technical unemployment linked to the absence of a good equipment on site.

Staff monitoring


Locating staff on site, especially on dangerous sites, can help limit personal injury, and can quickly intervene in case of problems. Combined with automatic attendance, the location of men allows better management of its staff.

The IOT Factory Software Platform, for the Construction Companies

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