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The combined measurement of air quality and occupancy of offices and meeting rooms sometimes leads to surprises…
The reason is poor ventilation. If ventilation is not effective, CO2 levels can be reached well above legal limits. An additional motivation to measure air quality: ask the Facility Management department to resolve the problem, based on factual figures!


As a reminder, monitoring air quality, in particular visualized by measuring the CO2 level in the ambient air, is essential, in order to limit the transmission of contagious diseases (COVID, flu, etc.) – and therefore fight against absenteeism -, improve concentration, reduce headaches… It is also a legal obligation. The CO2 level must be kept below 900 ppm or 950 ppm depending on the country. Beyond 1200 ppm, experts consider that there is a danger for the well-being of the occupants.

The joint implementation of occupancy (offices, meeting rooms) and air quality is simple. The installation of a few sensors (on battery, without wiring) connected to our Smart Building solution.

It allows us to understand the use made of office spaces:

  • under use,
  • usage tips,
  • office usage ratio vs. meeting rooms
  • actual use of meeting rooms (vs. privatization of a room for an employee who wishes to isolate themselves)

It also makes it possible to measure air quality. Because air quality is linked to the number of people present, and experience shows that ventilation is not always sized or configured according to the actual and current use of the premises.

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