The Internet of Things applied to Civil Engineering

The Internet of Things applied to Civil Engineering

The Internet of Things applied to Civil Engineering. The IOT Factory Startup Studio is chosen by a Bureau of Stability Engineers to co-develop remote measurement products for construction sites. 


Construction is a traditionally poorly computerised environment. Manual operations are commonplace. This leads to unnecessary costs that can easily be reduced. In this context, the use of sensors, the Internet of Things, can bring simple solutions to implement, with a quick Return on Investment (ROI).


François D’Hoedt, a Partner in a stability engineering office active in Luxembourg and Belgium, participated inBrainstorming sessions with IOT Factory. There were several use cases where the installation of sensors could provide many services in the long-term monitoring of large yards. While the specifications of the sensor can’t be disclosed right now, a Proof of Concept will be developed by the end of 2017, will be tested on site early 2018. It will be based on LoRa or SigFox. If the results are satisfactory, a first series will be produced and marketed in spring 2018.

From Automotive OEMs to Construction…

François D’Hoedt was already active in another company supplying highly specialised equipment for the automotive sector, in a niche market that makes him a world leader. The Internet of Things for the construction sector is therefore a strategic diversification that we hope, will be very successful.

A Minimal Viable Product in 1 month !

At the center of the solution is the IOT Factory platform, which offers “on-the-shelf” functionalities to manage sensors, integrate and process data, and deliver interactive reports and dashboards. Our promise is the delivery of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in 1 month !

From the idea to a first commercial product in 5 months !

The IOT Factory Startup Studio offers a 5-month acceleration program, which aims to move the Enterprise project from the idea stage to the stage of a product with first customers.


About the IOT Factory Startup Studio

The IOT Factory Startup Studio is a support structure for project owners in the field of IoT. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs, and corporates (through external innovation processes) in the development – technical and commercial – of their product. We provide our platform IOT, coaching (Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR …), and distribution channels through our network, made up of partners (resellers, integrators, operators) located around the world.

If you have a product idea in the IoT, or if you master a business problem for which you think the Internet of Things could provide a solution, let’s discuss it!