Level Monitoring Software (ATG) for Fuel or Water

The Tank Level Monitoring Solution, or Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG)

The tank level monitoring solution allows real-time monitoring of the volume contained in a tank (fuel oil, water, recovered liquids, etc.), automatic calculation of volumes added or removed, generation of alerts when a tank is almost empty or full. The solution offers management tools, dashboards, a cartographic view, reports sent automatically. It is available via a Web or Mobile application.

ATG software: Smart Tank Level Monitoring

Tank level Monitoring offers many benefits, including:

  • Optimization of tank filling or emptying operations, when really necessary.
  • Optimization of financial assets thanks to the knowledge of the actual use of the contents of the tanks.
  • Reduction of the frauds by a better control of the use of the tanks

The Tank Level Monitoring solution is based on the IOT Factory software platform. This IOT software allows, in parallel, to connect other sensors to remotely manage machines, installations and personnel deployed in the field: equipment tracking, measurement of energy consumption, staff monitoring, sensors for the building.

It is available on the WEB, on Smartphone and Tablet.

The sensors for monitoring the level of a tank

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The level measuring sensor, for fuel tanks, water or any other liquid tank, based on an ultrasonic measurement, running on battery up to 14 years.

  • LORAWAN. EU868 MHz
  • Battery: > 10 years autonomy
  • Measure: > 12 cm – < 400 cm
  • Accuracy: 2cm
  • IP67 – outdoor
  • Size: 109 x 109 x 126 mm

Pressure Level Sensor

Pressure-based level sensor and LoRaWAN transmitter. High precision measurement with a fully-sealed submersible intelligent pressure sensor, providing digital temperature compensation and linearity correction.

  • Measure 0 – 200 m
  • Temperature: -10 ..+80 °
  • Accuracy: 1% (<5m)
  • IP65
  • Up to 10 years battery
  • LORAWAN: EU868, US915, AU923 MHz

Use Case of the Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) Solution

Fuel Management on a Construction Site

Many construction equipment is powered by fuel, via a fuel tank installed during construction. the remote monitoring of the consumption of this tank makes it possible to prevent the stopping of a part of the building site, for lack of fuel. And so be able to plan optimally the fuel control and filling the tank. Moreover, the continuous monitoring of the level makes it possible to fight against theft of fuel!

Fuel management on an industrial site

Compressors, electrical generators … Many equipment needed on an industrial site in operation or maintenance, require fuel. Tracking fuel consumption helps prevent machinery shutdown. And optimise replenishment by sending a tanker truck only when necessary.

Management of a drinking water tank

Water is, in some areas, a rare commodity. Vats are therefore needed to supply upstairs houses, neighbourhoods, or industrial sites. The monitoring of this water level is critical.

Management of liquid tanks to recycle

In general, there are many situations where tanks are installed to provide industrial processes. Or to recover used fluids. The filling, or the emptying, of these can be greatly facilitated by a monitoring of their filling level …