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In a deployment of sensors communicating through a LORAWAN network, the LORAWAN Network Server is a central element. The Network Server is in charge of the management of LORAWAN Gateways (antennas – “Radio Access Network”), the authorization of the sensors and the exchange of data (uplink, downlink) between the sensors and the applications.

Our IOT Software Platform offers standardized integrations with the main LORAWAN Network Servers on the market.

IOT Factory hosted LORAWAN Network Server


Simplifying IOT deployments based on LORAWAN technology is our goal. In this context, we propose a hosted version of a LORAWAN Network Server. The procedure is simple. Configure your LORAWAN Gateways to transmit data to our IOT Software Platform. You have an interface for parameters your Gateways, declare and configure your sensors: class LORAWAN of your sensors, Adaptive Data Rate – ADR, Channels, delays … You can then analyze the “frames” and payloads exchanged. And of course, process data, build dashboards, schedule alerts, and develop your applications through our documented APIs.

The Things Network - TTN


The Things Network has helped popularize LORAWAN technology by offering a free Network Server, open to all. The principle is to build an open LORAWAN network, with international coverage. This is a community in which all members agree that their own infrastructure (Gateways) can be used by everyone. This is a free Network Server, as long as you allow all nearby sensors to use your Gateways to communicate with third-party applications. 

It is a popular offer, especially for makers (prototpage of sensors) or during initial tests, before a professional deployment. The Things Network is not recommended for commercial deployment! There is indeed no guarantee of availability of the different nodes of the network.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with The Things Network.

The Things Industries - TTI


The Things Industries is the commercial offering of The Things Network (TTN). Like TTN, this is a private environment in which your network elements are not shared with the rest of the The Things Network community. The principle is simple. You first test TTN, for free. If you like the service, you then subscribe to a paid subscription to The Things Industries.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with The Things Industries.



Everynet offers an innovative offer, composed of network elements (Network Server, but more broadly, a Radio Access Network, a Network Operating Center, CloudCell 4G Gateways …), operated by their teams in different regions of the world. In the end, Everynet offers a unique offer to set up a LORAWAN network for Telecom Operators, MNOs, MVNOs, with an economic model requiring little investment by the operator, and a sharing of connectivity revenues. A low cost option, but professional, to deploy a LORAWAN public network.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with Everynet.

ThingPark - Actility


Actility is a historical LORAWAN player. Actility is one of the founders of the LORAWAN Alliance. Actility offers a Network Server for Telecom Operators, called ThingPark. This software infrastructure is used by a large number of telecom operators. ThingPark makes it possible to connect the Gateways of Kerlink, Cisco or Multitech.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with ThingPark from Actility.

Multitech Network Server


Multitech is one of the leaders in the supply of LORAWAN Gateways, under the Multitech Conduit brand. Multitech offers a Network Server deployed directly in the Gateway. If this solution is not suitable for a deployment of many Gateways, it is a solution that can be considered when the network consists of one or two Gateways.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with Multitech Network Server.

LORA SERVER (ChirpStack)


LORASERVER, renamed ChirpStack, is OpenSource software developed by Broccar. It is an economical solution, but one that requires a certain level of expertise. The setting is not simple, and you are in charge of the daily management of your network. But it is an option for technology companies with LORAWAN specialized IT experts.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with ChirpStack.

ORANGE LiveObjects


Orange LiveObject is the solution of the French Telecom group Orange, also called DataVenue Live Object, for the management of Devices, Messages and Data. LiveObjects supports different communication technologies, depending on the country. In France in particular, Orange LiveObjects integrates a LORAWAN Network Server.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with Orange LiveObjects LORAWAN service.

ER Telecom


ER Telecom is the main Telecom Operator LORAWAN in Russia. ER Telecom is also an operator of Internet access, digital television and mobile communication.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with ER Telecom’s LORAWAN service.



Proximus is the main telecom operator in Belgium. Proximus has deployed a national LORAWAN network. Two LORAWAN services are available to retrieve sensor data: Proximus MyThings and Proximus Enco.

The IOT Factory software platform offers standard integration with Proximus MyThings and Proximus Enco services.

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