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The Open and Scalable Software Solution for Measuring, Analyzing and Processing Water Consumption Data. Based on the IOT Factory Software Platform, it allows the integration of any other measurement, such as temperature, humidity, door opening, smoke detection or water presence …

Software for Water Smart Metering


Any Water Smart Meter

Connect and manage any smart water meter. All networks: LORAWAN, NB-IOT, RF… Collect measurement data. Receive notification for missing data, low battery, or other technical issues. More about our LORAWAN Water Meter.

Water Consumption Data Processing


Processing water consumption data. 

Transformation, aggregation and delta (by day, month, quarter, year) for a counter or group of counters.

 Calculation of Indexes and Consumptions.

Consumption Dashboards & Alerts

Creation of your own dashboards for monitoring measurements & consumptions. 

Definition of alerts (email, SMS, voice call): over-consumption, non-consumption, breakdown, fraud …

Open APIs


Extraction of measurement data, indexes and calculated consumption, through open and documented APIs.

More information about the IOT Factory Software Platform.

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