Our software solution for metering water consumption is one of the major functionalities of our software platform dedicated to the management of energy consumption and air quality.

A multi-functional water metering solution

Our Water Metering solution is compatible with the needs of different business sectors.

  • Metering of water in the residential sector – the first objective is the billing of the consumption recorded, but also the detection of anomalies (over-consumption, under-consumption, absence of consumption, fraud)
    Water metering in service companies
  • Optimizing and reducing water consumption is one of the company’s objectives for greater efficiency in relation to its consumption (electricity, gas, water, etc.). The monitoring of sectoral indicators, for water consumption, makes it possible to compare oneself, to set targets for reducing this consumption, and to monitor their implementation.
    Water metering in industry
  • Some industries are big consumers of water (Chemicals, metallurgy, construction, agriculture). Pro-active management of water consumption involves measuring it!
    Water metering in construction (BTP)
  • In Belgium, for example, the construction sector is responsible for 2.3% of water consumption. Controlling this water consumption, detecting leaks (or omissions) can generate significant savings.

The reading of water consumption can be done by remote reading, thanks to an intelligent water meter (communicating – different techniques exist), or by manual encoding of the indexes.

Multi-level accounting


Manage the location of all your water meters, general meters or transit meters. 

Our management module allows the definition of any type of entity, at multiple levels. Whether you want management by site, by region, by building, by floor, by apartment, by warehouse or workshop, everything is possible. At each level, you can define the water meters to be installed, possibly declare other sensors also present (electricity, gas, air quality, door opening or presence).

All project topologies are possible. And of course, the management of access rights for your users is adapted and configurable.

Analytical management of water data

Our data processing engine allows you to automatically retrieve water consumption per hour, per day, per week, per month and per year. These consumptions can be per meter reading point, but it is also possible to configure aggregations per floor, per building, per site, per trade, etc.

Advanced analytical features also make it possible to compare consumption with each other, by hour of the day, by day of the week, etc. Or even to identify minimum, maximum or average consumption.

All this data can be represented in our Dashboard module, thanks to the configuration of visual Widgets (graphs, heatmap, tables, gauges…), exported in the form of reports (PDF, CSV) manually, or sent by email automatically.

Water consumption performance indicators


Beyond the automatic calculation of water consumption by period or by location, it is also possible to define other indicators, such as water consumption per year and per occupant, or even according to the industrial production carried out at the site. using this water.

The implementation and monitoring of water consumption performance indicators in your business (or in the residential sector) is crucial for proactive management of consumption. These indicators make it possible, over time, to monitor its performance, and by comparison with other similar entities, to see where we stand.

Examples of water performance indicators:

  • Water consumption per occupant / year
  • Water consumption per m2 / year
  • Water consumption per employee/year
  • Water consumption per unit produced
  • Monthly cost of water consumption



It is possible to define any type of indicator in the Water Metering solution

Water consumption alerts


Beyond water consumption calculations, our Rules Engine allows the detection of anomalies, such as over-consumption, under-consumption, absence of consumption. But also the presence of leaks or attempts at fraud.

The Rules Engine allows the management of alerts, which can be dispatched on a smartphone, by email or by SMS.

Operate valves


If you install valves on your water pipes that allow you to control the water flow (open or close), it is also possible to activate these valves manually or automatically (based on a rule) via our software.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or manual encoding

Many methods are available for reading water consumption. They are a priori all supported by our water consumption management software solution:

  • remote pulse reading, via a LORAWAN, NB-IOT, 4G or WIFI transmitter
  • remote reading via a communicating cover provided by the manufacturer of the water meter
  • communicating water meter: remote reading integrated into the water meter
  • manual statement and encoding

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