A Room Attendance solution as a demonstration of the Proximus Enco – IOT Factory integration

A Room Attendance solution as a demonstration of the Proximus Enco – IOT Factory integration

Identify a free meeting room with the help of sending a simple text message! The result of a successful integration between Proximus EnCo and the IOT Factory software platform
Deploy an IOT solution in a company. Connecting machines, or installing sensors in certain buildings or public places, can only be done through a set of partnerships between IOT sensor manufacturers, IOT network operators, IOT software editors, under the supervision of a specialized Integrator.
In this complex context, establishing standardized integrations between IOT software platforms and Telecom Operators is a way of simplifying implementation, limiting risks and reducing costs.
It was the goal of IOT Factory and Proximus EnCo …

Objectives of the Proximus - IOT Factory integration

The goal of the integration achieved was twofold. Enable Proximus customers to take advantage of the features of the IOT Factory platform (custom dashboards, advanced analytics, reports, alert management). And simplify the implementation, for IOT Factory customers, of projects based on the Proximus LORA network, thanks to automated activation of LoRa sensors, and sensor data retrieval, without additional complexity.

Technical Aspects of this integration Proximus - IOT Factory

Proximus EnCo has made use of the documented JSON APIs provided by IOT Factory. In just a few hours, this integration was realized and enabled sensors, activated on the Proximus LORA network, to appear immediately in the IOT Factory dashboards. For its part, IOT Factory used the EnCo APIs to activate LoRaWAN sensors created from the IOT Factory mobile application, via a simple QR code scan on most LoRaWAN sensors.

The result?

Proximus EnCo has published on its blog an article describing a project realized on the basis of this integration. “An SMS to check the availability of a meeting room”. The principle is to be able to query the availability of a meeting room by sending a simple SMS from his smartphone. An SMS Bot does the rest, polls sensors (LoRa) installed in the meeting rooms, and returns the availability information. The IOT Factory platform is used for viewing meeting rooms, availability dashboards and the use of these meeting rooms.


Who is Proximus?

Proximus is the leading Belgian Telecom operator (fixed, mobile, television). Based in Brussels, Proximus has deployed a LORAWAN network for the Internet of Things, and is now working on the deployment of NB-IOT, to complement its IOT connectivity offering.
The Proximus LoRa connectivity offer is accompanied by a range of services, including MyThings (sensor management), and especially Proximus EnCo, a platform that aims to provide B2B customers with APIs to the main Telecom functionalities (SMS). , activation of sensors …), but also value-added services in Virtual Reality, BlockChain, Analytics.

LoRaWan Proximus network in Belgium

The LPWAN LORAWAN network has been deployed in Belgium by Proximus since 2016. It now offers almost complete outdoor coverage. This network, denser in the cities (and in particular on Antwerp, second European port …), thus allows a deployment of projects based on LoRa sensors.

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