IOT Factory Newsletter | June-2024

IOT Factory Newsletter | June-2024

IOT is evolving. The time when we could be surprised and satisfied to visualize, in a dashboard, simple data transmitted by a sensor, is over. The focus is now on Advanced Analytics. Make data speak. Convert a technical implementation into a real use case delivering true return on investment.

In this edition, we will cover 3 popular themes in Smart Building, Smart Construction and Smart Industry.

Enjoy the reading!

Occupancy in Commercial Buildings

Less than 40% is the average occupancy rate calculated by CBRE in their 2023-2024 report on Workspaces and occupancy, based on a study of clients representing 32 million square meters in the world. Read how IOT and Advanced Analytics can help you improve comfort and reduce costs of your workspace. 

Lights Automation on Construction Sites

Automating lighting management on construction sites has several significant benefits that can help improve efficiency, safety and energy savings.

The importance of measuring machine vibrations

In the industrial sector, measuring the vibrations of a machine is a key indicator of its operating state. This practice, known as vibration analysis, allows for early detection of anomalies that could lead to failures. 

GreenTech Forum Brussels

IOT Factory will be a speaker and exhibitor at the GreenTech Forum Brussels, 18-19 June 2024. Come and join us.