IOT Factory

In June 2022, the public administration “Brussels Employment and Economy” launched a call for projects aimed at supporting promising projects within the framework of the regional strategy Go4Brussels 2030, which aims in particular to decarbonize all economic sectors, and to digitize.
This call for projects was launched by the Brussels Secretary of State for Economic Transition and Scientific Research Barbara Trachte, competence delegated by the Regional Minister Alain Maron, in charge of Climate Transition, the Environment, Energy and Participatory Democracy.

The 2022 call for projects aimed to identify promising projects, with a positive social and environmental impact, in the field of the digital transition of the Brussels economy.

The selection criteria for the winners were:
1. The innovative nature of the project and its suitability for the projects sought
2. The degree to which the Responsible Digital Charter is taken into account in the development of the solution
3. Technical and economic feasibility
4. Results and impact

IOT Factory has been selected for its “EnergyMonitor” project – Energy Efficiency and CO2 footprint reduction.

“EnergyMonitor” by IOT Factory – Energy Efficiency and CO2 footprint reduction.

The EnergyMonitor solution aims to help companies in the tertiary sector in Brussels:

  • To meet the objectives set by the Brussels region, Belgium and Europe in terms of reducing energy consumption and CO2 footprint
  • While achieving substantial savings in their energy bills.
    “Energy Monitor”, based on the existing IOT Factory software platform, is an energy optimization solution, based on IOT sensors, which will provide advice and help companies achieve their energy/CO2 reduction targets via board and KPIs.

The other winners are:

  • Unizo for its Cybersecurity project for independent entrepreneurs
  • Tactic for its Permacomputing project which proposes the establishment of an ethical and responsible datacenter
  • The Digital Solidarity Agency for its solidarity digital assistance project, which helps the digital transformation of SMEs/VSEs
  • Better and its better-app project to organize matchmaking between donors and associative projects
  • Slowby and its tourism digitization project via a regenerative approach, respecting the social and environmental dimension

As part of this project carried out in partnership with the Brussels region, IOT Factory aims to provide a financially affordable solution to the problems of energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint, thanks to sensors (IOT) and a software solution. . 

Inspired by the tertiary decree in France, and the PLAGE regulations in the Brussels region, this project must allow a “win-win-win”, namely savings for companies, assistance to the Brussels region in achieving its objectives. energy and climate change, and positive action for our environment.