Containers Tracking

The transport of goods by container has reduced the number of stolen goods. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to secure the transport of containers upon arrival at the port. Whether by road (trucking), by river or rail, a geolocation of containers can limit incidents, such as theft or loss of the container.


Secure your container using Container geolocation

Geolocate your containers to prevent theft or loss. Follow the movements to warn your customers of the arrival of their goods.

A unique Container Tracker !

Install our Tracker for Container yourself. Equipped with powerful magnets and weather resistant, it is placed where you want it on the outer surface of the container. With a range of 4 years, it delivers a GPS position per day. If the container is stored inside, we will provide you with an approximate location so you always know where it is.

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Map, Geofencing & Reports

Visualise your container on map. Receive alerts when a container enters or leaves a geographical area (port, storage area, country or region).

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