Cow Activity & GPS Tracker NB-IOT

Cow activity and geolocation tracker, specifically designed for livestock management, allowing the tracking of each animal, and the detection of abnormal behavior.


The NB-IOT Activity and Location tracker is specifically adapted for livestock. The case was designed to be attached to the cow’s collar. It has an autonomy of one to two years, depending on the configuration, thanks to a set of interchangeable batteries.

The activity of the animal is measured by time interval (for example every 15 minutes – configurable), thanks to an optimized algorithm based on the analysis of data from a 3D accelerometer. It identifies activities such as rumination, walking, running, and even jumping detection. Analysis of these data allows the identification of cows with abnormal behavior, a sign of illness or imminent birth.

The location of the cow, based on a GPS, is reported at regular intervals.

This robust, waterproof tracker is highly configurable, via a mobile application connected via Bluetooth.

Use case of the Cow Activity & GPS Tracker NB-IOT

  • Livestock / Cattle Management
  • Cow geoLocation
  • Cow Sickness and Pregnancy term detection

Cow Activity & GPS Tracker NB-IOT Technical Specifications

  • GPS, Glonass
  • Configurable location frequency
  • Activity measurement by configurable time slot
  • Battery powered (up to 2 years)

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Industrial LoRaWAN and NB-IOT IOT sensors. For more information and quotation, contact us!

Additional information


2 years on a single battery


IP67 – Water and Dust resistant


Mobile App (Bluetooth)

Data Connectivity

NB-IOT (LTE) – Bands 1, 3, 5, 8, 20, 28


Standard Cow collar.

Operating Temperature

-40 / +85°C


3x CR123A (1500 mAh each). Replaceable.


accelerometer, BLE, GPS / Glonass


125x75x37 mm

About NB-IOT (LTE)

NB-IOT, or NarrowBand IOT is a new Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) communication standard, developed by 3GPP, the standardization organization of the GSM standard.


NB-IOT, end of 2018, is deployed in many countries of the world. Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Belarus …


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