Indoor Environment Quality (CO2)Monitoring LORAWAN sensor

This LORAWAN sensor allows monitoring of the air quality, and more generally of the environment in which it is installed. CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Noise and Light.


This LORAWAN sensor allows monitoring of the air quality, and more generally of the environment in which it is installed. CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Noise and Light.

This sensor measures the quality of your indoor environment. Ambient air quality, and indoor conditions (brightness, noise). It therefore makes it possible to monitor your living space, your work environment or public places (hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc.).

Concretely, the room sensor permanently measures 5 parameters: The temperature (in degrees Celcius ° C), the humidity (in%), the level of CO2 (in ppm), the sound level (in decibels – dB) and the brightness (in Lux – lx). For each of these parameters, you can define a minimum threshold and a maximum threshold, and be alerted in real time of an overshoot.

This LORAWAN sensor is configurable. In particular, you can configure the data measurement frequency, the transmission frequency, and the possibility of generating alerts.  It can be powered by battery, or via an external current source (12-24V).

Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring LORAWAN sensor use cases

  • Monitoring of indoor air quality
  • Monitoring of working conditions in the office
  • Presence detection by sudden change of parameters (noise, light, CO2, etc.)

Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring LORAWAN sensor Technical Specifications

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 level (ppm)
  • Light Level (lux)
  • Noise Level (dB)

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Industrial LoRaWAN IOT sensors. For more information and quotation, contact us!

Additional information




1-2 years




LORAWAN Downlink message, local (micro-USB)


Up to 15 km

Data Connectivity



868, 915 MHz. EU868, RU868, US915. IN865-867. Programmable, 923 MHz (AS923)

Internal Antenna

-138dB sensitivity

LoRa Channels


LORA Class

Class A


Screws, Stickers

Operating Temperature

-10°C .. +80°C


External Supply 12-24V, 2x 3,6V AA lithium battery

Power Output

Default: 25 mW. Max: 100 mW.


CO2, humidity, Light, Noise, temperature

About LoRaWAN

The LoRa network, also called LoRaWAN, is a dedicated Data network for IOT sensors. It provides small data transmission on large distances – up to 15 km, while consuming very limited energy, allowing sensors to be operated on small batteries.


  • In Belgium and Luxembourg, Proximus operates a nation wide LoRaWAN network.
  • In France, Orange and Bouygues operate a LoRaWAN network.
  • In the Netherlands, KPN is the main LoRaWAN operator.
  • In Switzerland, SwissCom is the main LORAWAN operator
  • LoRaWAN is available in most Countries (Spain, Andorra, Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, Iceland...). Worldwide.

If there is no LoRaWAN coverage in your country/region, it is also possible to deploy a private LoRaWAN network.

Contact us if you have questions about the LORAWAN coverage in your region.


You can use this sensor with your own software platform or IOT solution.
You can also choose the IOT Factory software platform, which includes all the sensors presented here as standard. Among the available features:

  • Many pre-integrated sensors.
  • Javascript editor for decoding new payloads from any type of device.
  • Support for many LORAWAN Network Servers, but also SigFox, NB-IOT, M2M, Bluetooth, WIFI…
  • Customizable dashboards, configurable data processing and alerts, interactive and automated reports (web, pdf, excel), APIs
  • SaaS or on-premise
  • White labeling

The IOT Factory software platform is ideal for your projects in:

  • Smart Building
  • Smart Industries
  • Smart Logistics
  • Smart Construction

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